The essence of luxury

Andraab weaves together tradition, elegance, and imaginative design into hand crafted bespoke cashmere that is a wonder to behold and even more wonderful to wear.

“the best we’ve found” —the New York Times

Our embroideries are the beating heart of Andraab

Each one-of-a-kind piece can take from months to years to make, lovingly crafted by our master embroiderers.


600 years of tradition

Made in Kashmir, India, from the rarest and finest cashmere using weaving techniques and arts from 15th century Persia, an Andraab shawl is like no other. It is the definition of wearing something pure and magical.

Andraab’s mission

is to revive the heritage of the Kashmiri shawl. Andraab aspires to breathe life back into a once world-renowned industry.

“each shawl from andraab is an heirloom” —Vogue