Andraab was founded in 1996 by brothers Mubashir and Muzakir.

Their mission was to revive the heritage of the Kashmir shawl. After years of research and design exploration, the brothers evolved their own unique and exquisite line of products.

Andraab aspires to breathe life back into a once world-renowned industry, seeking not only to showcase traditional, exclusive pieces of handwoven luxury, but also to bring fresh ideas, design and color to the Kashmiri Pashmina.

What you may not know:

Cashmere is a luxurious textile that is woven from the combed hairs of goats from the Changthang area of Ladakh.

Our goats live long, happy lives tended to by traditional goatherds in their natural habitat.

The name “Cashmere”, though, has evolved due to its association with the valley of Kashmir, India, where it has been woven into gorgeous pieces of art for more than five centuries.

Cashmere/Kashmir shawls have long been associated with ultimate luxury. Mughal rulers (16th-18th centuries) not only appreciated these pieces of art personally, but also encouraged the development of the industry. Kashmir shawls soon caught the attention of the European markets, and became part of elite fashion starting in the late 18th century. The high demand for similar products resulted in the evolution of Europe’s own jacquard and imitation tapestry looms in the 19th century and ironically, led to the decline of the indigenous Pashmina industry of Kashmir. The introduction of the factory produced mixed “Pashmina” in the recent past has further damaged the market for the original Kashmir Shawl.

In our humble way we have helped to revive the art of weaving and embroidery by employing hundreds of skilled weavers and embroiderers who work to the highest standards ensuring our shawls are of the most immaculate quality while preserving the craftsmanship; a legacy of rich arts and crafts that was bestowed upon the valley of Kashmir.

The continuous work that we have provided to these artisans has made it possible to somewhat thwart the onslaught of fake products that attempt to pass off as authentic. The realization that we are up against a big machinery of fake goods manufacturers claiming that their shawls are all handmade: a reality far from the truth, has made us even more determined to preserve the true legacy of the Kashmir Shawl.

As a small company working to preserve our heritage and safeguard our unique arts and crafts, we feel strongly about our responsibility to educate and inform our customers. We feel blessed to have a family of talented artisans that has led to the resurgence of keeping the fabled Kashmir Shawl alive!